How to Build Strength for Martial Arts

If you want to improve your martial arts training, one of the best things you can do is work on your strength. Have you ever watched a UFC event? It’s no surprise that the top fighters in the world are also just plain incredible athletes.

These are my favorite exercises for improving your strength for martial arts.

Overhead Press

The overhead press is a great way to work on shoulder strength. It can be done with both barbells and dumbbells:

The moments you start lifting dumbbells and kettlebells, from your shoulders to above your head, it usually helps you to strengthen the deltoids. Otherwise, you require reliable, well-built shoulders to keep your guard up, probably when you’re fatigued. You might focus on performing around eight to twelve reps; you need to have weighty reps such that the last reps will challenge you to finish. Have forearms aligned with each other the biceps should be next to the ears in the top position.

Push Ups

However, you can’t find yourself strengthening your martial arts, without practicing humble push-ups, it essential for striking skills. Therefore for anybody to ensure excellent push-ups, the arms should tuck in and the hand beneath the shoulders. Your elbows are supposed to glide along the ribs cage as you perform the motion. Some BJJ practitioners may prefer trying a variation of the push up by medicine ball; you need to roll it above your other hand and have the motion repeated. Push-ups are essential training for the balance.


Deadlifts will activate your hamstring, glutes, core, and lower back muscles, but they are still considered great for martial arts since they aid in strengthening the grip. When aiming to start having deadlifts, always focus on proper form, and start going for light deadlifts.

The toes should point forward as look ahead, and make sure you don’t round your back. When lowering the bar inline vertical motion, maintain the buttocks back with knees slightly bent. If you had straight forward formed, the hamstrings should feel the stretch, not you guards.

Pull Ups

The exercises help in building the upper body, robustness through developing the upper back muscles. If you have a challenge in doing better pull-ups, choose to start with light exercises such as negative pull-ups and jump pulls standing on tour platforms. Have your chin over the bar by stepping and jumping into the platform, and then you slowly lower yourself. It recommended that you always remember to squeeze the shoulder blades to build the back muscle, not the biceps, whether you are performing more accessible or proper pull-ups.

Barbell Squats

It is a useful exercise for leg day, performing squats using barbell activates the quads, glutes, core, and hamstrings. Always the focus needs to be on form. Back squats, where someone rests the barbell on the shoulders behind the trapezius and neck muscles, and both fronts squat the barbell rest on the shoulders underneath the chin. All with equal benefits, but you can use massive weights with the back squats. However, for the people who have issues with their backs should not try it. Lower yourself in slow motion three-second count, make sure your knees don’t collapse inwards, move far more than your toes to prevent putting unwanted strain on joints. Uplift yourself again after getting a full squat before lowering yourself back but in a quick motion.