The History of Krav Maga

Krav Maga was started by Imi Lichtenfield in the 1930s. Imi started Krav Maga so that he could protect his people during Pre-World War 2 in Europe.

Imi’s father taught local police defensive tactics. He trained him to become an expert in wrestling and boxing.

Imi Lichtenfield: the Father of Krav Maga

Imi was born in Budapest and grew up in Bratislava. His father had a gym and Imi used it to train and that’s where he developed the skills. His skills saw him fight and compete in the national as well as international levels and he performed well.

In the 1930s, there were anti-Semitic riots that affected Jewish and Lichtenfield used his skills to help protect and defend the Jews. Imi adapted his skills and experience of boxing and gymnastics to help the Jews. He used his fighting knowledge for self-defense. He transformed his skills into real self-defense.

In 1940, Lichtenfield decided to leave his Nazi homeland and went to Palestine. In Palestine, Imi joined a primary group known as Haganah which was around the Jewish community. The motive of the group was to see an independent state of Israel. Since Lichtenfield joined the Israeli military, he played a very impressive and strong role in the military system.

Lichtenfield was later to develop a self-defense system for the military and that’s how Krav Maga originated. In other words, Krav Maga is a system that teaches self-defense. Later Lichtenfield had a huge number of followers including special units of the military system. Leaders as well as professionals of the military system were among his followers without forgetting police officers.

Krav Maga Spreads to the World

Krav Maga witnessed a massive growth as Lichtenfeld number of students also increased. He continued to teach self-defense skills. He opened up for all members of the society including children and women. He came up with this idea to help every citizen to gain self-defense skills.

Lichtenfield had a lot of students from his training and among them was Darren Levine. Darren decided to take Krav Maga to the other parts of the world. This is how Krav Maga World came in to be. Darren opened a Krav Maga program in Los Angeles.

Subsequently, Krav Maga World developed a lot of programs that have helped a lot of individuals. Los Angeles people have benefited a lot from Krav Maga World which uses techniques developed by Lichtenfield. They have learned a lot of self-defense techniques and skills which has helped them to increase their physical fitness levels.

Krav Maga has expanded and has spread to almost every part of the world. It is now recognized and practiced everywhere. Despite its spread and development, Krav Maga uses a similar structure worldwide. Therefore it cannot be said that Krav Maga of Israel is different from that of Australia.

When Lichtenfield saw the developments and widespread use of Krav Maga, he formed an International Krav Maga federation. Imi had very loyal students as well as respected instructors and they supported him in coming with the federation.

Krav Maga has helped a lot of individuals as they learn new skills of self-defense.