Why You Don’t See Krav Maga in the UFC

MMA or Mixed-Martial Arts is a hybrid, full-contact combat sport where fighters attempt to achieve dominance over each other by using one or a combination of wrestling, boxing, and grappling.

There are a variety of techniques and sports you can use to defeat your opponent in an MMA contest. In this piece, we’ll explore why Krav Maga techniques don’t show up often in MMA or UFC.

1. Krav Maga is designed for self-defense, not sport

Krav Maga techniques are meant for maximum damage and survival rather than success in a sport setting. If you know anything about the history of Krav Maga, you know it was started by Imi Lichtenfield to help protect the Israeli people before World War 2.

Krav Maga allows you to create entropy and distance for running away (like striking an opponent who grabbed you until they let go). Such a move would be unsuitable for MMA because you’ll be passing up an opportunity to secure a steady beneficial position over your rival (like taking advantage of their badly executed grab to trip them and land on top in full mount).

2. Many Krav Maga techniques are Illegal in MMA competition

If you’ve witnessed Krav Maga live, or on YouTube videos, or you’re a Krav Maga specialist, then you already know its cruel tactics have no place in UFC or MMA contests no matter how ‘bad-ass’ you think MMA is.

Most Krag Maga tactics are not allowed in MMA – ripping an ear off, or stomping on your rival’s head when he’s down for example. Groin blows. Or even gouging eyes out of his sockets.

Krav Maga basically teaches you to focus your hammer attacks on your competitor’s key pressure points or weak spots such as the knees, nose, eyes, testicles, and more.

By comparison, MMA would seem like child’s play compared to Krav Maga’s deadly techniques used on real street fights and huge brawls. That’s right! These kinds of moves would put curtains on your MMA career, or even worse, land you a jail sentence for first-degree murder.

If you use your Krav Maga prowess for self-defense, you will get a lucky card in court, but not in an MMA sport.

3. Krav Maga is not designed for use in a ring

As mentioned, Krav Maga is a combative technique, not a sport. Nothing about it is competition-legal. Therefore, it is not allowed in the ring.

In KV, you train for the fight you could lose (most of which do result in death), not the fight you could win. On the other hand, Combative sports like MMA are fair sports designed to pit similar fighters with distinct training techniques to identify the best methods. This rule contradicts what Krav Maga stands for- death by all means, and it’s why you won’t likely see it in a ring.

Despite it’s lack of prominence in MMA, Krav Maga is still in incredibly effective martial art to learn. It helps prepare you for self defense situations, improve your overall fitness, and raises your level of confidence.